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Our Classes

Available Classes

Below are the offerings at L' Academie de Danse. Make an appointment or visit anytime. While dance classes are based on the school year calendar, it may be possible to join a class already in progress, depending on experience and ability.


Adult classes are available.  Adult Ballet and Tap classes will run in 6 week cycles for the beginner adult classes. For more information contact Nora at (252) 521-3399

Pre-Dance Classes


Pre-dance Ballet Classes:
Starting at 3 years of age the student enhances motor skills, develops musicality, and the love for ballet in an environment with the proper dance etiquette.

Pre-dance Tap Classes:
Starting at 3 years of age the student learns single and double sounds while developing simple rhythm patterns along with basic music skills.

Pre-dance Jazz Classes:
Starting at 7 years of age the class consist of isolations, warm-up exercises (plie, tendus...etc) which develops technique and strength for jazz dance. Sit stretches and strengthening exercises are executed after the warm-up. Floor combinations and jazz variations are performed to different styles of jazz music.

Technique Classes

Ballet Technique Classes
L'Academie De Danse believes ballet is the ground floor for the performing arts in dance. Ballet enhances and refines all other forms of dance and should be studied to attain a true understanding of the foundation from which other forms of dance are built.

Taking one hour class a week. Student performs Barre and center work.

Advanced Beginner
Taking one or two classes a week. A flat class and possibly a pointe class depending on strength and age. Barre and center work.

Taking two or three classes a week. Class length 1 1/2 hours. A flat and pointe class are taken. Barre, center and variations.

Taking more than two or three classes a week. Possibly performing all on pointe. Barre, center and variations.

Tap Technique Classes

TAP Technique Classes
Tap dancing is a percussion instrument. It develops the student's musicality. Tap dancing helps train the ear to listen to more than the melody of a piece of music. The students receive music theory when studying tap.

Class is one hour. Basic- single & double sounds are learned and performed to whole and quarter note rhythms. Moderate tempos are used.

Advanced Beginner
Class is one hour. Students are performing single, double, triple and quad sounds. The rhythms used vary from whole to eighth notes. Moderate to fast tempos are used. Turns are incorporated.

Class is one hour. Different styles of tap are emphasized. Rhythm tapping is introduced. More complicated rhythms are used.

Class is one hour. Continued study of tap styles. Advance tap turns are performed.


Jazz Technique Classes

Beginner Jazz Class
One hour class. Introduced to body isolations. Warm-up exercises (plies, tendues, degages, developes, and grande battements.) Sit stretches for developing flexibility in the body.

Sit Strengthening
For developing core muscles. Across the floor combinations and jazz variations are set to age appropriate music. Beginner turns are 

Advance Beginner
One hour class. The advanced beginner level becomes more advanced making the student concentrated on more coordinated movements with the arms, head, and legs. Students perform double turns.

1 hour class. Students are usually studying ballet at this level. Class may become longer as well as continuing to advance.

1 1/2 hour class. Student has experienced many styles of jazz at this level. The dancer is performing complicated jumps and turns, which are only performed correctly by studying ballet.


Hip Hop

The Hip-hop class is urban street dancing ; breaking, popping and locking. It is a dance style that comes from the African American / Latino culture that started out in the streets and later brought into the studio to be learned and performed in many dance medias.


Musical Theatre

The Musical Theatre class gives the student a chance learn how dance, singing and acting help move  the plot along within a musical. The class is built on all three art forms dance , singing, and acting techniques that will prepare the student for a musical performance.

Acrobatics & Tumbling Classes

The class is designed with warm-up exercises that stretch and strengthen the student to prepare them for the learning of tumbling skills. The student starts learning the basic tricks (rolls, backbends, balancing skills etc.) and can progress to the advanced level (flips, springs aerial, etc.) depending on their ability.

Acrobatics Arts Certified Studio. For more info visit

Specialty Classes

Progressing Technique Certified Studio

Several loc
al and regional voice coaches are available for group or private classes and lessons. Voice and dance can both be studied to enhance the student's interested in musical theatre.


Mommy & Me

The Mommy & Me class is for the 2.5/ 3 year old student and their (Mom/ Dad) . The Mom and Me work together developing basic motor skills, muscle strength and encouraging the child to enjoy music and movement.


Social Dance Classes

Social dance classes  (Shag, Cha Cha, Waltz, etc.) are taught in 6 weeks sessions. Group/ privately. Just get a group together and call to set-up a time.

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