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Specialty Classes

L'Academie de Danse offers Specialty Classes as well.

Please inquire with Nora if you are interested in class availability.

Mommy & Me

The Mommy & Me class is for the 2.5/ 3 year old student and their (Mom/ Dad) . This class will meet every Thursday . The Mom and Me work together to develop basic motor skills, build muscle strength, encourage the child to enjoy music and movement while also learning acrobatic dance (tumbling).  Classes will meet on Tuesdays from 3:30pm -4:15pm beginning August 29, 2022.  


Private Classes

(See Nora for dates and times)


Social Dance Classes

Social dance classes  (Shag, Cha Cha, Waltz, etc.) are taught in 4-6 weeks sessions. Group/ privately. Just get a group together and call to set-up a time.


Shag/Ballroom Classes

Available  for private or group. Be ready for your 1st wedding dance or just learn to shake a leg!

What is Shag?

North Carolina designated the shag as the official state popular dance in 2005 (clogging was also named at this time as the state folk dance). The Shag is a type of swing dance that developed during the 1930's and 40's combining nimble footwork with upbeat rhythm and blues (known as beach music). Shagging originated at open-air beach parties on the North and South Carolina coasts. South Carolina also recognizes the shag as a state symbol.


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